Who is doing what?

The Rye Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (RNPSG) has agreed that every member handles a specific role.  Councillors on the Group (names below alongside the groups) are providing steerage and mentoring for each of the Working Groups, allowing the latter to elect their own chairs. In addition the Councillors would provide the vital linkage between the Working Groups and the RNPSG.  Following the elections in May, a revised steering group is forming to take forward the planning. The responsibilities below will change and will be notified shortly.

– Housing   (Handled by the Steering Group : Led by Chair Steering Group, Mayor, Cllr Bernadine Fiddimore [member  Rye Planning Committee)  and Vice Chair Colonel Anthony Kimber  (TBC)).  Three other Rye Planning Committee members take part:  Cllr John Breeds, Cllr Shaun Rogers and Cllr Ray Prewer and Cllr Cheryl Creaser).  Background for this work is the updated Rother DC SHLAA.  This part of the work is being completed with the full involvement of Rother DC planners and support from Planning Aid.  Vice Chair RNPSG has attended specific seminars about Neighbourhood Planning.

Community infrastructure.  (RNPSG Mentor – TBC ………….) The earlier Rye Study provides background for this work.

Transport/traffic    (RNPSG Mentor –  TBC…………… ) Although there is a Traffic Forum working for Rye Town Council on a raft of day to day traffic issues, this group will be looking wider at improving traffic flow, improving parking and delivering higher priorities for pedestrians and cyclists.  John Howlett chairs this group and coordinates with Rye Traffic Forum. 

Business and Enterprise   (RNPSG Mentor –TBC …………..) The Rye Chamber of Commerce has pledged support. The work might include a Town Centre Study of which there are many good examples on the web.

Environment: (RNPSG Mentor – TBC ……………) Existing groups such as Transitions Rye and Rother Environmental Group are contributing to consultation on issues such as sustainability, flood risks, energy, carbon footprint, green spaces including allotments, and Conservation.

However, this list is is not prescriptive and other voluntary groups may form to consider particular issues, or provide advice on specific subjects.  The idea to have “area champions” for parts of the designated planning area remains extant. Citizens to the south of Rye favour such involvement.  Rye College has also provided some input.

There are specific functions on which RNPSG members (Co-opting other volunteers as necessary) are leading the work, such as:

–  Vision and Objectives (Chair and Mayor – Cllr Berni Fiddimore, previous Mayor Cllr Shaun Rogers and Vice Chair, Col Anthony Kimber)

–  Key Evidence  (Members – Prof Burton Rosner and Canon Richard Orchard)

–  Budget –  (Vice Chair – Col Anthony Kimber aqnd Town Clerk)  including links with Locality and RTPI Planning Aid.

–  Communication and Engagement strategy (Vice Chair – Col Anthony Kimber and Town Clerk)  who attends every Rye Town Planning meeting (fortnightly) to update, raise issues and seek approvals for key steps.

–  Community Asset Register of land with planning interest  (Cllr Andy Stuart)

–  Rye Town Council Linkage and Advice  (Town Clerk – Richard Farhall)