Steering Group (RNPSG) Meetings – Minutes and Updates

Events in 2019

31 May:  Planned Meeting of new Rye Town Council will be updated on progress towards the Referendum, probably in late June (to be confirmed).  More shortly.

30 Apr:  Rye TC accept the External Examiner’s report with some recorded reservations.  Work now continues with Rother Planners to get ready for local Referendum.

1 Apr:  Update for Rye Town Council HERE

19 Mar:  Having attended the initial meeting of a group convened by Rye Town Council to consider the wider aspects of parking and Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) the Vice Chair of the Steering Group was asked to draft a short paper about parking in the context of the Rye NP. This is HERE.

8 Mar:  External Examiner poses 11 initial questions to Rye TC and Rother DC.  Rye Town Council agrees the response to the External Examiner’s initial questions, recorded HERE.

End January:  Vice Chair provides a briefing note for Rye TC on the Lower School Site Proposal HERE

14 Jan:  Vice Chair RNPSG updates Rye TC:  Consultation has now closed;  30 comments being assessed.  Vice Chair authorised by Rye TC to liaise with Rother Planners about details of comments and to report back once initial assessment has been made.   Vice Chair has also input to the debate about Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) to ensure that there is no conflict with NP.

3 Jan 2019:  Rother minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held in Bexhill on 21 Dec 2018, at which the Rye Neighbourhood Plan was considered. These are extracted as below.

“Congratulations were extended to Rye Neighbourhood Group, Vice Chair Colonel Kimber, consultants and Council Planning officers for the
amount of work and effort that had gone into the production of the RNP.  Cabinet considered the representation recommendations proposed and agreed that the Executive Director be granted delegated authority to submit the Council’s representations (together with any supporting
material) on RNP for consideration by the Examiner.

RESOLVED: That the Executive Director be granted delegated
authority to submit representations in accordance with the conclusions
set out at paragraph 23 of this report (together with any supporting
material) for consideration by the Examiner in relation to the submitted
Rye Neighbourhood Plan. The Chairman of Council had agreed that this decision could be taken as a matter of urgency to enable the Council’s
representations to be made on Rye Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan by 11 January 2019.”

Meetings in 2018

10 Dec:  Meeting of the Rye Town Council:  Update (Reg 16 and CPE) is HERE 

22 Nov:  Inspector dismisses BP appeal for fuel station proposal off Udimore Road  HERE 

16 Nov:  Rye P&T agrees response to Rother DC about the emerging DaSA  HERE

12 November:  Rye TC ( P&T) endorses the Rye response to the Rother DC emerging Development and Site Allocation HERE

29 Oct:  Rye TC endorses RNP V11 for Regulation 15 publication;   “Plan Submission” and supporting papers will be submitted to Rother DC on 30 Oct.  Supporting documents are below.

16 Oct:  Update for the 15 Oct Rye P&T Meeting HERE

13 October:   Record of meeting with Rother Planning (12 Oct) updates Rye P&T Meeting on Monday 15 Oct.  At the meeting attention was drawn to the Development and Site Allocation Document (DaSA) which has been seen by Rother Cabinet.  The emerging DaSA is described as: “effectively “part two” of the District Council’s Local Plan. It has been prepared to be in general conformity with the Core Strategy and has the same time horizon.”   While the emerging DaSA provides supplementary policy to the Core Strategy it delegates development site allocation to Neighbourhood Plans,  where they are being made, such as in Rye.  Rye Neighbourhood Planners have been working closely with Rother DC Planners to ensure that the Rye Neighbourhood Plan conforms to all Rother District planning policy

18 Sep:  Update for Rye P&T  Meeting HERE

End August:  Update for the Rye P&T Meeting  HERE

Version 11:  22 July:  RNP Version 10 to Version 11 to reflect all the comments from the Regulation 14 consultation. Update for the Rye P&T Meeting on 23 July  HERE  

21 June:  Update for Rye P&T Meeting HERE

7 June:  Update for Rye P&T Meeting HERE

21 May:  Reg 14 comments are summarised HERE 

17 May:  Minutes of the 47th meeting (run as workshop to consider the comments from the Reg 14 consultation) Rye Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group HERE

14 May:  Briefing note for Rye Town Council to seek decisions and to update on progress  HERE

30 April:  Briefing note on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)  HERE

20 April:  Minutes of the 46th Steering Group Meeting HERE

10 April:  Update for Rye Town Council by Vice Chair Steering Group HERE

2018 Town Meeting:  4 Apr:  Significant comments by around 60 citizens about the use of Gibbet Marsh

2 April:  Update on property holdings in Rye by ESCC and Rother DC.

31 March:  Following the Rye Partnership 2017/2018 AGM, HERE is the presentation and HERE the Feasibility Report on the Rye Fisheries also known as Rock Channel East or Rye Peninsular

27 March:  Update for Rye P&T Meeting HERE

12 March:  a briefing note for Rye Councillors (P&T Meeting) for the consideration of the BP proposal for a site off the Udimore Road at TN31 6AA

Regulation 14 :  19 Feb:  Briefing for Rye Town Council 19 Feb at which the Council agreed to the draft papers going to Regulation 14 Consultation (23 Feb to 6 Apr)  (Pre Submission)  HERE

30 Jan:  Update for the RNPSG:  notice for the Rye TC Meeting on 19 Feb to seek agreement for Reg 14 consultation HERE

25 Jan:  Update for Rye P&T Meeting HERE

12 Jan:  Update for the first Rye P&T Meeting of 2018  HERE

Meetings in 2017

Version 10 :  6 Dec Report of the Rye Town Council Meeting on 4 December at which the Council adopted RNP V10 for Reg 14 Circulation HERE

Version 10 incorporates Version 9 from Consultant

End Nov:  Update summary for Rye TC Planning Committee (27 Nov) and Town Council (4 Dec) HERE 

Version 8:  29 August:  Version 8: Update for the first Rye P&T meeting after the summer break HERE

23 July:  Update for the Rye P&T Meeting on 31 July HERE

16 July:  Update for the Rye P&T Meeting is HERE

28 June:  Update for Rye P&T Meeting HERE

Update for Rye P&T Meeting 19 June including summary of attendance at annual Rother Local Strategic Partnership to discuss Housing Issues HERE  and RNPSG paper on affordable housing. HERE

Update for the Rye P&T Meeting 5 June is HERE

Record of the 45th RNPSG is HERE

Update for the P&T meeting on 22 May is HERE    This includes a summary of a meeting between the Vice Chair and Rother DC Planning officers on 16 May in Bexhill.  (Meeting included important agreement on housing target numbers)

Update for Rye P&T Meeting 21 April 2017  HERE

Update for Rye P&T Meeting 10 April is HERE.   The Geenway project proposal is HERE.    At their meeting on 10 April Rye Town (full) Council approved the project and asked the Town Clerk to draft some Terms of Reference.  Feasibility study by Dominic Manning is HERE

Version 8:  Update for Rye P&T Committee 27 March is HERE .  Greenway proposal is HERE 

Update for the Rye P&T Meeting 13 March HERE

2017 Town Meeting:  Much discussion about the RNP at the 2017 Town Meeting on 1 March at the Tilling Green Centre.  Notes are HERE

Update for the P&T Committee 27 Feb  HERE    Richard Wilson (Rother DC Development Manager) attended this meeting and answered questions about the planning process. We asked about a replacement planning officer to provide a focus for Neighbourhood Planners; the impacts of Rother not providing its 5 year housing supply [Rother has completed around 860 of 5700 to 2028] and the process whereby developers appear to be either ignoring early planning advice from the Environment Agency or contacting them too late, resulting in schemes failing at an advanced stage because of the cost of design adjustments to handle flood risk mitigation, making the schemes non viable.

Update for Steering Group Members end Feb 17 HERE 

Update for Rye P&T Meeting 29 Jan HERE 

Update for Rye P&T Meeting 16 Jan 2017  HERE

RNPSG minutes of the 44th Meeting Jan 2017 HERE

Meetings in 2016

RNPSG Minutes of 43rd meeting Oct HERE

Open Meeting at Tilling Green:  19 Oct:  by ICENI to explain their proposals for Lower School Site

RNPSG minutes of the 42nd meeting Sep 16 are HERE

RNPSG update for Rye P&T committee Sep 16 is HERE

RNPSG update for RTC Planning Committee on 25 July is HERE

RNPSG 41st Meeting minutes HERE

RNPSG update for Rye TC Planning Committee end June HERE

RNPSG 40th meeting 15 June HERE

RNPSG update for Rye TC Planning Committee end May HERE  Questions were asked about how CIL relates to S106 HERE

RNPSG meeting on 25 May HERE

RNPSG update for the Rye TC Planning Meeting 16 May HERE.  Verbally the Committee was updated on the recently enacted Housing and Planning Bill 2016.  Details are on the Facebook page.

RNPSG Minutes (38th Meeting) are HERE

Version 7A: RNPSG update for the March Rye TC Planning Committee is HERE

RNPSG Agenda (38th Meeting) is HERE 

2016 Town Meeting:  3 Mar:

RNPSG Update February 2016 is HERE

RNPSG (37th Meeting) Minutes are HERE

RNPSG (37th Meeting)  9 February Agenda is HERE

RNPSG  February update for the Rye TC Planning Committee is HERE.

Open Events:  16 and 23 Jan   Tilling Green and St Marys Centre to explain progress

Version 7:  RNPSG ( 36th Meeting) on 6 January – minutes are HERE

Meetings in 2015

RNPSG Update to the Rye TC Planning Committee HERE

RNPSG meeting minutes 2 December HERE

RNPSG Agenda for 2 Dec is HERE

RNPSG update for the Rye TC Planning Committee HERE

RNPSG Minutes of 4 November are HERE

Version 6: RNPSG meeting minutes of 13 October are HERE

RNPSG update for Rye TC Planning Cttee is HERE

RNPSG Meeting 13 October Agenda is HERE

RNPSG update for Rye TC Planning Committee Sep 2015 HERE

RNPSG revised housing plot is HERE

RNPSG Minutes of the 32nd Meeting 3 September 2015 HERE

RNPSG Agenda 32nd Meeting 3 Sep HERE

RNPSG minutes of the 31st Meeting are HERE

RNPSG agenda for 31st Meeting on 27 July  is HERE

RNPSG update for Rye TC Planning Committee 20 July HERE 

RNPSG Minutes of the 30th meeting are HERE

Update for Rye TC Planning Meeting on 6 July is HERE

RNPSG 30th Meeting 14 July 2015 Agenda is HERE

RNPSG Minutes for 16 June HERE

Agenda for the 29th meeting on 16 June is HERE


June 2015 Version 5:  Following circulation of the RNP V5 comments were received as below.

From Gladman HERE

From the Planning Sub Committee of the Rye Conservation Society  HERE.  The response from the Mayor of Rye is HERE. 

From Cllr Rebekah Gilbert, Detail and comments are  HERE

From Cllr Pat Hughes, about issues around “Park and Ride”,  business resupply off loading; crossings at the Station Approach.

From Playden PC: a development proposal not close to the Rye Parish boundary.


First Rye Town Council meeting after the elections to allocate members to committees, including RNPSG   HERE

Special Rye Town Council Meeting 20 April  to consider the Plan (V4) before the local elections HERE

RNPSG Minutes 15 April HERE

RNPSG meeting 16 March HERE

Version 4:  RNPSG meeting agenda 16 March to consider V4 of the draft plan

RNPSG Update for the Rye Town Meeting 4 March 2015  HERE

RNPSG Meeting Agenda 17 Feb 2015 HERE

Version 2 and 3: RNPSG 25th Meeting 4 Feb 2015  HERE 

Version 1:  RNPSG 24th Meeting 7 Jan 2015  HERE

RNPSG 24th Meeting Wed  7 January 2015 Agenda is HERE


Meetings held in 2014

Public Event:  28 Jan 14:  public event at the Tilling Green Community Centre.  A record of questions and answers is HERE.  During the event the Steering Group piloted our new detailed survey which is HERE.   Separately the Tilling Green Residents Association carried out their own survey.  Results are HERE. More analysis will follow.

RNPSG 8 January 2014

RNPSG 20 January 2014

RNPSG meeting with ESCC and District Councillors  20 January 2014

RNPSG Post 13th meeting Update to Rye Planning Committee is here.

RNPSG 17 February 2014.  Provisional plot for dwellings is HERE.

HORAC Briefing:  5 Mar 14  RNPSG briefed Harbour of Rye Advisory Committee (HORAC) 

2014 Town Meeting:  5 Mar 14:  Rye Town Council open meeting at Rye College:  almost 100 attended.  Survey completed. 5 March 2014 at Rye College

26 April:  Workshop for working group members to consider survey results.  Results are HERE 

Public Survey:  Throughout July:  survey to all households and businesses.

Open Event for Business Professionals:  15 Jul:  Meeting of housing professionals at the George.  Results are HERE

RNPSG met with Rother DC Planning Officers on 18 March

RNPSG 14th meeting on 18 March

RNPSG met with Rother DC Planning Officers on 23 March to discuss sites and planning issues.

Vice Chair RNPSG meets on 28 March with Leader ESCC (also Chairs Rye Partnership) to discuss issues of mutual interest.  A record has been circulated to Steering Group members.

RNPSG update to Rye Town Planning Committee (7 April)

RNPSG meeting (15th) minutes are HERE

RNPSG hosted a workshop for the RNPSG and working groups to consider key and emerging issues on 26 April.  Initial results are here. 

RNPSG updates Rye Planning Committee  (18 May)  HERE

RNPSG 16th meeting minutes are HERE. 

RNPSG 17th meeting minutes from 17 June are HERE

RNPSG 18th meeting on 21 July minutes are HERE

RNPSG update for Rye Town Planning Committee HERE

RNPSG 19th meeting will be on 20 August  HERE

RNPSG minutes of 20 August HERE

RNPSG working team meeting to handle paper survey returns  HERE

RNPSG minutes 10 September HERE.

RNPSG meeting agenda 6 October HERE

RNPSG meeting minutes 6 October HERE

RNPSG update for Rye Planning Committee 7 October 2014 HERE

Exchange between RNPSG and ESCC dated 20 October 2014 HERE

RNPSG update for Rye Planning Committee 27 October 2014  HERE

RNPSG meeting agenda 5 November 2014 HERE

RNPSG meeting minutes 5 November are HERE

RNPSG update for the Rye P&T meeting Monday 10 November  HERE

RNPSG update to the Rye P&T meeting 24 November is HERE

RNPSG Meeting 1 December HERE

RNPSG 23rd Meeting 1 December minutes HERE

RNPSG Update 18 December 2014 HERE


Meetings held in 2013

Rye Town Council 25 February

Rye Town Council Terms of Reference RNPSG

RNPSG 18 April


RNPSG 29 May

RNPSG 17 June

RNPSG 4 July

RNPSG Rye Neighbourhood Plan update for RTC July 2013   At this Rye Town Council Meeting revised RNPSG TsOR were agreed but the RNPSG was invited to review further in November and advise if further amendments would be necessary, particularly to cover mention of the need for a Sustainability Appraisal of any draft plan.

RNPSG Rye Neighbourhood Plan update Aug 2013

RNPSG Meeting  22 August

RNPSG RDC Core Strategy comments for Rye Town Council to submit to Rother District Council

Rother District Council response to Rye Town Council about Core Strategy

Rye Town Council Meeting 2 September:  AGREED to replace Julian Luckett with Mandy Turner.  Julian had earlier opted to leave the RNPSG to be able to commit to his home neighbourhood (Northiam) plan.  The RNPSG thanked Julian for his valuable contribution to the Rye NP.

RNPSG Meeting 8 October 2013

RNPSG update Sep/Oct 2013 for Rye Town Council

Submission to Rother District Council Cabinet by Planning Staff including papers from Rye Town Council

Rother District Cabinet agreement to Rye Designated Planning Area

Mini Public Survey:  17 Oct 13 –  Launch of Rye Neighbourhood Plan and mini survey.

Mid  November –  Rye Energy Day   HERE.   During the consultations a proposal was described for a Community Garden. 

RNPSG  6 November 2013  and emerging findings about issues  HERE

RNPSG  3 December 2013