Co-Working: where coffee shop meets working space

We usually consider people working either in workspaces or in home spaces. The latter may operate from home or mix of home and car.  A relatively new concept is “co-working” within common work facilities. This combines the appeal of a relaxed work environment but alongside other like-minded workers.

Across the country, there are many co-working facilities popping up in a way which is already popular from Scandinavia to USA.   They are attractive to those who find starting or running a business lonely and away from social networks.  So co-working can help fill the social needs of people by simply bringing together a group of people with similar interests.

Who is choosing to work like this?  Some are new entrepreneurs starting businesses; others are well established but both make use of relatively cheap environments, with access to common facilities, such as wifi, desks, meeting and kitchen space.  Some of these co-working facilities are run as not for profits.

Is this model of working appropriate to Rye?  Well actually we already have the Arcade in the former Cattle Market and for the last three years the Tilling Green Community Centre.  These are just the sort of environments in which co-working flourishes. They provide a community atmosphere in which ideas and networks flourish.


Anthony Kimber lives in Rye and contributes to the community as Chair Rye Emergency Action Community Team, President Rye Royal British Legion, Chair Friends of the St Mary's Church and Vice Chair of the Rye Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. In recent years he has worked as a consultant on risk and resilience issues. He has experience as a strategic planner in Whitehall and abroad and has attended several seminars on Neighbourhood Planning.

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