Sites of Community Interest (or Value) and Sites of Community Planning Interest

This page will record all sites within Rye Parish (many have been identified in earlier studies) either of community interest, or value, or of community planning interest (Locality provides guidance on this). Rother District Council has recently issues guidance for how Rye Town Council might categorise the former.  The latter will be subject to consideration in the Neighbourhood Plan.  Sites in both categories will probably be found already in the SHLAA and may include:

–  the former Tilling Green School site  (ESCC identifies the potential for between 12 and 27 affordable and private homes, plus the re-provision of a new community facility).  Ahead of the Community Infrastructure Levy (explained elsewhere on this site) Rye Town Council should require any developer to replace the community centre and attend to drainage of the site.

–  the Lower School Site (site owned by Sainsbury – for a new supermarket, but subject to a long standing dispute between Tesco and Sainsbury because Tesco owns property on one access route.

–  the former Freda Gardham School site   (currently leased for use as a Creative Centre).  Future is subject to discussion about flood risks on the east side of the River Rother.

–  Environment Agency land which was the the former Total garage site, which was closed in 2012.  The site is contaminated and RemedX (contractors working on behalf of Total)  have said (13  Sep 13) that:   “The remediation plant has been operating since the end of June 2013.  Part of the remediation system works by drawing off vapours from the ground in addition to skimming of floating hydrocarbon product (LNAPL) from the surface of the water table. The vapour yields have been low due to the lower permeability of ground conditions (silty tidal flat deposits).  So far some 383 m3 of water has been treated.    Some 60 litres of free product has been recovered from the water table.  A groundwater sample round from on-site boreholes is to be carried on 26 September.  RemedX is still aiming for the remediation to be completed by the end of 2013.  However, they will be more confident in projecting the end of remediation once they received the results back from sampling.”  Once remediation is complete then the community may want to have a say in the design of whatever development is proposed for the site.  

–  There is a mixture of privately owned and Environment Agency owned land adjacent to the Rock Channel which links the Strand to the Monkbretton Bridge and includes a site bounded by the River Rother, Rock Channel and the Undercliff Road. This is known by some as the “Rye Peninsula”.  In 2007 it was subject to a development study as it has long been acknowledged that the are including this site, if developed sympathetically,  could provide an enhancement to this part of Rye.

–  areas, which might be of community value or interest around the part completed Valley Park development, particularly now that a further planning bid for more homes is to be submitted.  As part of this bid Rye Town Council should consider offset for the community.

–  East Street Museum site after move to Ypres Tower.

–  Monastery Building at Conduit Hill.  This has been vacant and in the hands of developers for many years.

–  Former St John Ambulance site off Conduit Hill.   This site could complement the existing Community Centre on Conduit Hill.   

–  Rye Allotment now managed by the Rye Amenities CIC.

 Before the Neighbourhood Plan is drafted, it will be important for the RNPSG to work closely with the Rye Town Council Planning Committee to ensure that Rother District Council planners understand any emerging findings and policies from the Neighbourhood Planning process so that they can be reflected in all future planning decisions.

The RNPSG will also consider the opportunities for community offset under existing rules or the new Community Infrastructure Levy under the new Act,  both during and after agreement of the NP.